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current issues with the DBMM Commentary

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Comments (1)

vexillia said

at 11:04 am on Apr 1, 2009

Number: 8
Description: Clarity of wording
Notes: Page 27 point (e) Irregular Ineptness – Irregulars Moving into Contact

Contacting enemy is no longer a special case for avoiding extra PIP
expenditure, unlike in DBM. Irregulars that are subject to PIP expenditure clause (e) will
pay an extra PIP to contact enemy if: they move as a group and do not end in frontal contact (not
including front corner contact) after moving less than a full move

Or to simplify

"pay an extra PIP to contact enemy if .. they move as a group and do
not end in frontal contact"

Care required as this could be read as "you pay an extra pip for moving into
contact even if you don't end up in contact"! If you mean you only
avoid the extra pip by making front contact you might as well say so.

dbmmlist message number: None.
Commentary version number: 4.1.4

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